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I use my heart, mind and music as healing technologies to help people connect to there soul.  It's my calling. -Ephesians 1:11
To Be Valued
 To Connect
To Belong 
The freedom to be you
  •  Self-Awareness
  •  Better Relationships
  • Transition To Fulfillment 
Special Message from Rick
I use my heart, mind and music as healing technologies to help people survive and thrive. It's my calling.-Ephesians 1:11 
I will challenge the fear of other people's opinions and the false beliefs that hold you back. When you find your authentic-self, you will have better relationships at work, with customers, and with loved ones. Everybody wins! 
  •  Self-Awareness 
  • Relationship Development 
  •  Transition Insight & Support
  •  Executive Coach 
  •  Leadership Development 
  •  Sales & Service Team Building
  • Motivational Speaker
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3 Things YOU can accomplish with me
  • Better Relationships
  • Better Careers 
  •   Better Journey
Rick's Approach
I'm a Spiritual Warrior. I will challenge the false beliefs, the fear of other people's opinions and the self-judgement that keeps you down. 
Rick's Story
A single parent, Rick did the self-work to overcome the pain of a childhood that included a father who disappeared, never to be found, at age 3. His mother, struck by polio as a child, worked multiple jobs and went to school at night. At age five, he and his mother moved in with his grandparents and he was sent to a strict Catholic school. His first-grade teacher, a Nun, ridiculed him for being left-handed, forced him to sit at a right-handed desk, and once broke his knuckle while beating his hand with a wooden ruler trying to force him to write with his right hand. Then, at age seven, on Easter Sunday morning, while getting ready to go to church, his grandfather fell to the ground and died. Ricky now believed he had to be the man of the house and vowed never to cry. 

"Like the Tears of a Clown, I held my pain inside. I believed I didn't matter. All I wanted was an ordinary home. I started skipping school, quitting sports and getting into fights. Thankfully, I found Japanese Karate that gave me a place to find discipline and tradition I so needed and a way to get my anger out. I competed in full contact kickboxing and would hit a heavy bag over and over again until exhausted. One of my moments came while I was working night shift, running a printing press. On my break, I met a well-dressed woman. I was trying to get up the courage to ask her out and I looked at the ink stains on my fingernails and put my hands in my pockets and walked away. The next day I knew then I wanted to transform from a #junkyarddawg into something better. I started asking older businessmen for insight. They all told me to go to college. So, I cut my hair, bought a cheep suit, and was given a hand me down briefcase. I was blessed when the Dean at Saint Joseph's University and a renowned businessman saw a diamond in the rough and gave me a chance. I worked nights to pay for college, got my bachelors degree and I got a great job and a new life.  

"I now believe all the pain was God's boot camp to purify me and teach me empathy for all his children. Life can be full of tremendous joy and extreme pain. It’s hard for someone like me to be vulnerable, but I’m willing to risk loving every day. To love and be loved is to be truly alive. This is the richness of life.”  
"I don't teach anything I haven't done or been through"
Rick combines his global leadership experience, his experience as a creative director, and his education in the healing arts to empower and inspire professionals. 

A graduate of Saint Joseph's University- Erivan K. Haub School of Business, with continuing education at Villanova, University, Rick's notable assignments include: Advisory Board, Lifeguard Health Networks; Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Andover Healthcare; General Manager, Acelity / KCi ; Director of Sales, A&D Medical; Area Sales Manager, BD; Business Development Advisor, Cleveland Clinic; Interim Vice President Sales, Visiting Nurse Assn.; Innovation Advisory, QIAGEN; Board Director, The Philadelphia Food Trades Association; Atlanta Board Director, Rainbows for God's Children; Creative Director & DJ, BlueLuke Productions.
Rick has the logic of a cowboy and the intellect of a philosopher. He has an amazing ability to engage, inspire and transform." - Dr. Z
Coaching Process
Authentic Self System
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Success Stories
Executive Vice President of a $1.7BN, Global, Medical Services Company
"Rick created more positive change in only 6 months than any other executive coach I witnessed before him. He is the real deal. We don't want to lose him"
Vice President Sales & Marketing of a $600M Animal Health Company
"As a new female, senior executive, I wanted a big brother to bridge me into historically all male leadership. Rick's  facilitation created trust and respect. We support each other and are enjoying solid growth." 
Senior Partner, Big 5 Law Firm
"We were frustrated starting our new medical device practice and aligning the team. After working with Rick, we understood the complexity of healthcare, elected a department head and put together a great team. We now enjoy success in a new vertical.  
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